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Did you know that a fall of as little as 3 feet can cause you serious harm?

You could possibly even fracture a bone, like the unsuspecting and unfortunate person who’s replacement hip is shown in the x-ray above!

What impact would it have on your family if you broke a bone because you took an unnecessary risk and fell off your ladder?
What impact would it have on your job?
How long would you have to endure pain?
Are you good with pain?

Your broken bones aren’t worth any price, leave the ladder work to the experts at Central Window Cleaners.
Are you thinking about getting up on some ladders and cleaning your own windows or gutters, instead of hiring a trained and experienced professional?

Please be careful.
- Window Cleaning
- Gutter Cleaning
- Conservatory roof Cleaning
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Conservatory Cleaning
Gutters - Before
Gutters - After
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